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  • When I am working with VideoScribe, generally I manually save my scribe at each step as either planned by my storyboard or for a more complex scribe I will save after completing each element, however the fact that it always saves and closes the scribe gets a bit annoying. 

    The reason I do this instead of relying on the auto-save feature is a panel of my storyboard at times only takes a few seconds to put in place and be perfect but at other times it is a bit more complicated and I try multiple options to get the right feeling for that panel in relation to the rest of the scribe so this may take an hour to get right. 

    When I do 5 panels that take a matter of seconds each and for some reason I loose the scribe, despite not being much work it is annoying and often it doesn't feel the same way the second time - the positioning or timing is a little different and it is hard to get this back. 

    When I do 1 more complex panel that takes me an hour I manually save as I am happy with each element, the time between the auto-save and when the crash occurs can represent a lot of fine tuning of multiple elements and I need to remember exactly what was done - sometimes I can and I get something close where as at other times I cannot and end up with a totally different scribe even though the final layout is more or less the same. 

    I have also had some issues with the auto-save where it doesn't seem to actually save, but this is not very common to my knowledge. 

    So my suggestion is to have a "save and continue" option - this way I can save my project, have a little more piece of mind and not have the hassle of having to re-open the scribe each time I save. 

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  • I think Ryan has a very good suggestion about a 'Save and Continue' option. Please include that, it would really make a time-saver. Maybe a real local saver, so I can choose the folder or directory where I want the file to be saved instead of exporting the file (another extra time-saving step in the workflow of managing Scribe files).

    Besides that, I really think a native application is also worth the effort. Although the Adobe Air implementation looks pretty good (although it acts strange when using a Wacom), I sincerely think a real Cocoa App would benefit from everything a Mac has to offer, an this also goes for a Windows App.

  • Hi Ryan,

    The next version of VideoScribe will have the 'save and continue' option and will also have the ability to save to folders.



  • Great! I look forward to the next version - is there an ETA on that Andy? 



  • Also, I do agree with Toon, I use both Mac and Windows systems with VideoScribe and would love to see a native implementation of each.

  • Ryan,

    We do not have a release date at the moment



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