• So, I use FCPX and really like the organisation concept of a library, event and project - it makes a lot of sense organisationally speaking. I also use GMail that uses labels - again it makes a lot of sense organisationally speaking. 

    I would like to see something similar to both in VideoScribe. 


    I would like to have a way to either label or tag my projects into a category or client, I would also like to be able to add multiple labels or tags to a project. Maybe I will tag a project to a client and label the categories, this way if I want to know what I have done for a company called BLAH BLAH BLAH LTDA. I can check their tag, if I want to know what videos I have done in the HOSPITALITY industry I can check my hospitality label. 

    Maybe a label and tag are the same thing? Technically and conceptually they are, I just like the idea of labelling these things differently to work for more purposes.  


    I would like to be able to organise all of my elements into various bins and sub-bins, these in my opinion should be some form of folder system so I can have a bin for BLAH BLAH BLAH LTDA. and then organise based on common elements such as their logo and product images or on a per project basis. I would like these to be separate to my normal files and within VideoScribe so if I accidentally delete or archive one of their images that I am working with in a scribe it is not going to effect anything else. 

    I would then like to be able to export bins (as a zip file or sparse disk image) for archive along with (optionally) the VideoScribe "project" files themselves. This will allow me ways to clean up my project area within VideoScribe without deleting the projects permanently and generate full backups as needed. 

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  • Hi Ryan,

    Thanks for your suggestions.

    The next version of VideoScribe will have the ability to create folders and store your scribes in them so you could create a folder for each customer which would go some way towards your project management idea.


    Andy Hardyman

  • That sounds like a good start, I would really like to see further asset or element management options also, but as I said it sounds like a good start. 



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