images and text on the same frame

  • I was wondering if you could draw text along with an image simultaneously

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  • Hi Soumya,

    You cannot do this with two separate elements in VideoScribe, You can adjust the draw/animate time, removed the pause event and set the transition time to 0.0 so that they appear after each other without any time gaps.

    You can create your own SVG images that have text and images and then import these into VideoScribe. As they will be one file, they will draw at the same time.

    Thanks, Joe

  •  Hi Joe,

    Does it have to be an SVG? How about a JPG?

  • You can do this with a Jpeg as long as it is a single file.

    We recommend using SVG's for this but it is possible with Jpegs and PNG's

    Thanks, Joe

  • Hey Joe this is Geza from Razvan's account and I'm wondering if there is a solution in videoscribe?

    like the animation when it's playing I wanted the text and the image to play both. 

    is there a solution or not.?

    please let me know.

  • Nothing has changed in this regards in the last couple of years. We have taken the view that you can only draw one thing on a whiteboard at a time and as we want the application to simulate this we will not be adding the ability to have 2 elements being drawn at the same time.

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