Can't create my work! Saving process stops at 21min 9s, help!!!!

  • When first time I tried to go over the whole video it stopped at some point, I thought my laptop stops working again. But when I finished I clicked create and it shows 54 mins left, then it just stuck at 21 min 9 sec! I really need help, I have to present this for my history final! Plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz! 

  • Hi,
    The following thread lists some of the most common causes for videoscribe freezing and how you can fix them:
    Videoscribe freezes or crashes (when opening, playing, saving or rendering a scribe)

    (the most common problems are improperly formatted images and extreme camera settings (zooming))

    This is the official Instant Answer about crashing and freezing:

    If you are able to save the scribe online, customer support may be able to look at it for you.
    If you export your work to a .scribe file and upload it here, other users may be able to look at it for you.

    -Mike (videoscribe user)


  • Hi Catherine,

    We can look at your scribe if you save it online and let us know the name Saving your scribe online



  • Having problems trying to auto or manually save project.  Wants to freeze up.  The project is approximately 1.2 gigs in size.  I installed the latest version of Videoscribe and have uploaded it to the Videoscribe cloud.  for you to look at.  In addition, it does take an awful long time to open, whether it's from the local drive or the cloud.  First thought it might be a memory issue but am working with 8 gigs and video graphics performance is only at 31%. 

    Please provide me with some guidance.  It would be greatly appreciated!!!

  • Hi Ken,

    I have had a look at the scribe and checked a couple of the images in there.

    I think the crashing is down to the size of the imported images.

    I have saved a copy of the scribe without the images to your cloud directory.

    Before adding them again, I would suggest you reduce the size of the images you're importing.

    I recommend they are no bigger then 150kb each.

    This should enable you to complete the scribe and render it.

    This Blog Post has a number of free tools that you can use including a couple of tools which will help you reduce image sizes.

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