Humble Requests

  • - a feature for watermarking video (adding our company logo and brands)

    - ability to scan back/forward or pause the video while recording the voiceover + preview.

    - a better cloud uploading (as it is not uploading at all I'm using videoscribe v2.

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  • Hi Tan, I am re-assigning this to the Ideas and Feature request pages.

    Thanks, Joe

  • I've tried for the longest time to figure out how to use my company logo as a watermark.  I guess it's impossible.  There's really no makeshift workaround.  I'd love to see a watermark option included this in the newest version. 

    And I know it's been said, but you really need to ditch the VideoScribe logo in the lower right hand corner.  It's really driving people nuts.  Whoever suggested it within your company is dead wrong. 

  • it would be a great feature to add watermarks/logos/anchor text!

  • We're working on watermarks at the moment, final few tweaks being made but will be included in one of the next 2 updates depending on when we manage to finish it.

  • Individual track for each frame, and/ or music track bar in the bottom, please!


  • Option for the watermark will be great !

  • It would be great if you could include the watermark option

  • I hope the watermark feature gets implemented soon. I think it would be very useful. 

  • Watermark didn't make it into v2.3.5 released this week but it is still in progress and hopefully shouldn't be too far away. We'll keep you posted as things develop.

  • Individual track for each frame

  • Nizar, if you have something new to request I would recommend posting a new topic for that so it can be searched and voted on by other customers

  • I would love the option for the watermark too

  • Can we please add a logo?

  • Can I suggest that you create an "insertable window frame" into which we can insert a video (even maybe with sound on it). I can make a long task of a short job, by using movie maker but the sound issue creates a very complex process. If the video can only be inserted into a special frame, I think it could be controlled within your program. 

    An associated request which I know you have about a million multiple sound tracks that start and stop exactly like they do in movie maker.....this way we can manipulate the sound as we want...and not have to create a rather difficult timed audio track...

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