Image placement , placing behind the objects

  • How do i place a image behind a man or a object . 

    I see i can move a scene backward or forward in the timeline .. 

    How do i place a Image/object behind any object ?

    check the image attached...

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  • Hi Nick,

    If you make the books earlier in the timeline than the laptop then the books will appear to be behind the laptop.

    I have attached an example scribe


  • Thanks for the reply andy but moving it before on the timeline is drawing and bringing the books before the Man .. i want to draw books after the Man .. 

    How do simply switch objects behind objects/images? it does not have this function ?

  • Hi Nick,

    There is no facility to do that in the current version of VideoScribe - when an image draws it is always at the front.

    Having said that you could add a post to our Ideas and Feature Requests area and our development team will consider it for a future release.



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    If you are ambitious enough to learn to use inkscape (free at or illustrator, you can make your own SVGs or combine 2 SVGs into one.

    more about making SVGS:

    -Mike (videoscribe user)

  • I agree with Nick.  I wanted to do the same within the first 10 min of my 7 day trial?  Seems silly Scribe does not have a function to move instead of draw into place behind objects already drawn?  I have a city scape to place behind a hill with houses on the hill already drawn.  I wanted city scape to slide in behind my other objects.  Now I will have to re script to make things work? This should be an easy solution you would think to add?

  • Does this feature exist by now?


  • No, It does not appear that anyone ever wanted it enough to start a thread in the feature request section. If you think it is worth implementing, look for an existing thread to "LIKE" in the feature request section and if you don't find one, you could start your own. 

    -Mike (videoscribe user)


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