Videoscribe Logo in the editing window

  • I see no reason why the Videoscribe logo should persist in the lower RH corner of the editing window. I know what the program is, I've already paid for it. And that's valuable working space - if I want to position something in that area, I have to imagine what it will look like without the logo. Please get rid of it, or at least give us the option to turn it off.

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  • I've just  had to go back to version 1.4 because of this persistent logo !

    I use camtasia to record the scribe as its playing in the preview mode.

    And I don;t want this logo to be visible.

    And as Steven mentioned...if you have paid for the subscription, there is no reason for the logo to be present.

  • I agree that the logo in the lower right is confusing to some upgraded users and there have been several threads about it already. Some users assume that the same watermark will appear in their rendered video. How about placing it in the menu bar across the top, perhaps near the preview and create video buttons.. or on the far left end of that menu bar?


  • It's not needed. It gets in the way/clutters up my workspace, and frankly, I think by this point we all know the product we are using :)

    Please get rid of it - it's just filler at this point.


  • Agreed

  • When I upgraded to version 2 and saw the logo in the lower right, I was also frustrated. At least it doesn't appear on the output from the app, but I agree, it's annoying. Please remove it. I know you lot are pleased with your new design (and bravo for the new UI design!), but no need to remind us what software we're using. Thanks.
  • I see that there are two more threads about this issue today... and there have been several others.  Hopefully Sparkol will move the logo out of the work area where it is a nuisance (and confusing to some users!) and move it up to the top of the screen somewhere.

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    Little quality of life changes, such as this can help reduce confusion and frustration for both new and old users and can go a long way toward making version 2.0 more user friendly.

    -Mike( Free the logo!)


  • yes...kill the logo...we love you Videoscribe (most of the time), but we don't love the logo!! Imagine if Microsoft put "Microsoft" at the bottom of every page on the screen on Word?

  • To Mike Metcalf,    I have done that Mike

  • #freethelogo

  • Yep, the logo is irritating and not wanted by us either. Actually made me think that we had been downgraded and being treated like the free users (ooh I sound really snobby saying that, but it is true!!)

  • I thought my subscription had been downgraded as well!  Not happy, it ruins the creative flow, my eye keeps getting drawn to it :-(

  • I agree please remove this. Especially it will help with downloading these videos with those of us who use screen capture software, as this would cut the download times down massively.

  • Interesting that some people use screen capture to create finished videos. Maybe my Mac is slow (although it's a 2.9GHz Intel Core i7 with 8GB RAM), but playback from the timeline is usually jerky, and moreso as the Scribes grow in size. I could never get the smooth results I get from exporting a video if I simply screen-captured.

  • Agreed. Please remove the logo in future versions. it's unnecessarily distracting and as paid customers we should not be subjected to ongoing branding efforts in our workspace.