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  • Hi, 

    I created a video on the version 2.0 and it rendered with no problems. I've made a minor change ("3" to "4" character), when I try to re-render it, it always freezes "Preparing video information...". Doesn't matter which archive type I'd like to use, or the size of it.

    I've tried reducing the images size, I tried opening the file from both online and from my desktop but it still freezes on the same spot.

    I've saved it online, it's name is REUNIO LEO

    Any ideas what I can do?


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  • Hi ADN

    I had a look and the scribe thinks it has a soundtrack but there's not one attached to the file.  I think this is where it's getting stuck.

    If you go into the soundtrack dialogue, remove the soundtrack and then add it again the scribe will render.

    I'm not sure where it got lost: if you can shed any light on this I'd appreciate it!


  • Why does VS not preparing video for upload I can not see any meters indicating what is happening how will I know what is happening instead of waiting 

  • File size 21 mb?

  • Hi,

    If you look in Windows Task Manager in the Processes tab you will see VideoScribeDesktop.exe - if the cpu percentage is 0 for a while then it has crashed.

    We are seeing this crashing issue for some people when you publish to a wmv file. If you get this issue then I would recommend that you publish to a mov file.


  • This is a constant problem and one they seem to not have a fix for.  I'm wondering if this is worth the time investment or if they would just focus on getting much of these KEY and IMPORTANT things fixed.  IF you cannot master your work, or send to a client, WHAT good is all this??? We must have a greater file size, we need to see the versions that are in storage, we must know which files are hanging things up in order to replace. on and on and on.  

    VS really needs to step up and FIX SERIOUS Problems, or frankly the word on the net will spread fast. 

  • Hi Jim,

    we have recently released VideoScribe 2.1.2 which has a number of rendering fixes including when it gets stuck at the preparing information stage.

  • Sane problem here with version 2.2 beta and previous one.

    If the scribe is relatively big it is impossible to render in wmv, it simply get stuck in the rendering process.
    If I try to render it in mov file I get a huge file and some time it works, some time I have to remove the sound track to have a video that works, some time the final video does not work even without sound track!

    It is impossible to work with this tool to create video of 15min and above, the rendering, it so much unreliable!


  • Hi Omar,

    If you save the scribe to your online directory (cloud icon) and let us know the name we can take a look for you and try to determine what the issue is.

  • Hi Matthew,
    I just discovered right now  the problem. The video with the problem had my name that zoomed out. That cause the following problems:

    1 ) The rendering in wmv did not start
    2) The rendering with  mov format produced a video that was not working.
    3) The the mov file was huge.
    4) The time required to render the video was 3 hours

    Now that I limited the zoom out all works fine!
    1) The rendering in wmv starts ( i did not check if the final video works)
    2) The .mov file is working properly
    3) The .mov file is 50% in dimension compared to the previous one that was not working.
    4) The time of rendering was just 1 hours

    I will try to modify the scribe to reproduce the problem and I will upload it to the cloud so you can reproduce the problem.


  • Ok the file has been loaded on the cloud. It should reproduce the problem.


  • Hi Omar,

    It's great that you got the scribe to render - well done. I have been able to reproduce the issue with the scribe that you saved to the online directory - I could not get it to render unless I removed the soundtrack. 

    Please could you also share the scribe to your online directory that you have altered to make it render?

  • Hi Matthew, in the first page of the scribe it appears my name. If you increase the dimension the problem
    should disappears. I just tried to render in a .mov file.I did not try with wmv. estension . Anyway I will upload the scribe.


  • I managed to start the rendering in wmv by cutting the last scenes of the scribe. So it looks like if the scribe is too big the wmv. rendering does not start and if it start the final video does not work.

    To render in .mov i have to make sure that the zooming is not too big otherwise the final video does not work.

    So it seems that the dimension of the scribe prevent a proper rendering in  .wmv
    While the zooming  can create problems rendering in .mov


  • Hi Omar,

    I have been unable to get either of those scribes to render as WMV. The only way I could get the render to start was to remove the soundtrack. I think this may be a memory issue with WMV rendering as the scribe is quite long. 

    I have split it down into two pieces and both parts will render.

    WMV rendering uses more RAM than other video formats and takes longer but produces a smaller video file at the end. This is why, on larger scribes, there are sometimes issues with rendering as there is more chance that the memory limit will be reached.

    Our development team are working on improving the rendering features of VideoScribe. In the meantime I would recommend that you use the MOV video format for longer scribes. If you do need WMV in particular then you can render as a MOV and convert to a WMV using a third party converter tool.

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