• Hello,

    Would be great if you guys allow selection of multiple scribes. 

    We may have to delete many together. Or maybe transfer many scribes to a particular folder. 

    Multiple selection of scribes should give us two options i feel:

    1. Delete, 2. Move 

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  • I second that motion to highlight multiple frames and delete or move them all at once.

  • Hi,
    Regarding multiple scribes: I'm not sure if you mean scribes or individual images. Scribes are complete work files including all images, music, voiceover and all camera settings and other settings that have been used. Currently there is no way that I know of to delete or move multiple scribe files within videoscribe)

    Regarding individual images in a scribe: Those exact features are available in version 2.0.1(and newer versions)! 

    In version 2.0.1 you can select multiple adjacent elements in the thumbnail tray by holding the shift key while clicking... and then cut (to delete) and paste (to put them back in) to a different area of the timeline if desired.

    -Mike (videoscribe user)


  • Can you pick up frames from Scribe1 and paste them into Scribe2. That would be a very useful function as you could reuse material already created.


  • Hi Charles,

    You can do this by selecting the elements you want to copy across, pressing Ctrl+C, exiting your scribe and creating a new one and then pressing ctrl+v to paste them in.

  • Additionally:

    If you have multiple elements in a certain arrangement that you want to keep, I believe that you can just save your scribe with a new name and then delete the elements that you don't want.

    -Mike (videoscribe user)

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