Downloads page: offer 2.0 AND 1.3.26

  •  Hi,

    I'd like to suggest that the downloads page:

    be replaced by the versions page:

    to offer version 1.3.26 as well as version 2.0 instead of automatically installing 2.0. Possibly also include a link to a list of known bugs in 2.0  so that users can make an informed decision about features vs stability when they choose their version.

    2.0 has some GREAT new features and beautiful new icons and art, but it still has some useability problems and a few showstopping bugs that will probably be gone in the next revision. However, I think some users, especially new users, may prefer version 1.3.26 at this time.

    related thread:

    -Mike (videoscribe user)

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  • Hi Mike,

    The download page automatically downloads one version of VideoScribe - we're confident that it should be 2.0 at this point.

    Overall it's a much easier-to-use product and the one we'd prefer new people to be using. We're working on the bugs, and have created an Instant Answer inspired by your suggestion.

    Thank you.

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