Facilitation of Translations

  • Hi there,

    In order to translate videoscribe movies, I have to type the written text into a word-document, send it to our translation team and then manually insert the translated text back into the scribe-file which takes a lot of time and is dull work :)


    It would be very convenient to be able to extract the written text from a scribe-file with just one button and have a modifiable document. Our translation team could then modify it and I could simply insert the new file back into videoscribe.

    Can you please program something like this in your future releases?


    Best regards,


  • Great idea.

    For now, did you know you can paste into the text window?

    I hope that helps

  • That is still extremely tedious. I take it there are no plans for translations any time soon since it's almost 5 years later.

  • Hey Kelly, No plans at the moment no, it's not really something that we have seen a high demand for as this request has not even had one up-vote yet (like the original post). You've put it back to the top of the fourms now though by commenting so maybe it'll get some support from customers and we'll consider suggesting it to the product team.

  • Ok, thanks for that. My current solution (if anyone else is curious) is to swap out the wording on the video, export it, then slow it down by 10% and then get someone to do the translated voiceover. 

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