Drawing in the old version looks more realistic as a drawing than in 2.0

  • I agree with the sentiments above related to the scribing ability of today of 2 as compared to earlier versions.  I also do not appreciate having new versions without any time table for release dangled in front of us paying customers. The get "excited and wait" for who knows when is aggravating.b

  • I see a lot of the hard users have replied to this thread so I may as well throw in my 2 cents. Since 1.3.26, I have been disappointed with every update. When 2.0 came out, I thought, ok, I'm going to give this a gallant effort. I put 2.0 on another computer and tried using it on simple jobs. I spent a good month using 2.0 but in the end the final results were never as good as 1.3.26.

    I must admit, I don't get Sparkol. Their Customer service response is great, but the development team or whatever they are called, seems to always miss the mark. Lousy interface, performance not as good and bugs, bugs, bugs and more bugs.

    I use to get excited when Sparkol put out a new version. No more. They are now talking about future updates using animated gifs and other nice features and I must admit my excitement radar did go up, but I bet when it comes out that excitement will be dampened with a poor interface and navigation, crashes and bugs.

    I try to be optimistic, but to be honest, Sprakol needs to take some of the blame for dashing our hopes by putting out update after update after update that is buggy and never lives up to the hype.

    Fingers crossed they  start putting out a product that is worthy of Video Scribe's initial media hype which is slowing dying with every update after 1.3.26.

    My two cents.


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