how to save my scribe as a new copy

  • Hello,

    In v2 how can I save my scribe as a new copy, I want two different versions, so need to save as a new file name and end up with 2 scribes.

  • To do this, you need to save the original scribe and close it. Then go back to the home screen and open that same scribe and hit the save icon again. This time rename it as something else and close it. When you go back to the home screen, you will see both scribes: the original and the copy you just made.

  • Hi Aaron, I have the same problem. If I follow your tip and go back …and then open the second ( different names)  scribe, it brings me back to the first scribe in the VideoScribeProgram. I have two versions on my home screen, but in VideoScribe I still have one and cannot work on a different version to translate it in another language. 

  • Hi Susan,

    sorry that you are having problems with this.

    If you have saved your scribe under a new name, and you can see both versions of your scribe on your project screen, then you should be able edit one without changing the other- if you open one version of your scribe and make a small change, does this effect the other copy of your scribe saved under a different name?

  • Hi Daniel,

    thank you for answering. I don´t see both versions of my scribe on my project screen.

    I just have two versions on my Mac- desktop saved under different names. 

    If I open them, they both path to the same original scribe in my project map ( = project screen inside VideoScribe).

    How can I copy a scribe that way, I will have two scribes then on my project screen and can work on both? 

    I need this to translate the texts in my scribe in several languages. And if I do that one after the other and my client later wants to change something in the first version, I would have to retranslate everything.

    Kind regards Susan

  • Hi All, 

    what I do these days is save locally as a .scribe file  (export scribe)  and then I can just import that back infor VS and save under a new name. 

    It just seems to be simplest and safest method for me. 


  • None of these methods seem to do the trick.  

    Does anyone have an alternative method?

  • Hi Susan,

    You can only have one project on the canvas open at any time.

    You could copy of the elements of one scribe to another however you will need to 

    manually change the positions and orders of each individual element so it can be quite time consuming.

    The video below demonstrates this.

    If you want to make a new copy of an existing scribe, you need to load it to the canvas, select the save option and ensure you rename it.

    Select the base folder option as the place to save it.

    You will then have two copies of the same scribe but with different names.

  • When I do this it says ok to overwrite the existing one.  Any thoughts?

  • Hi,
    You have to type in a new name (that is not already in use) to save a new copy of the file.  If you don't type a new name, it will offer to overwrite the existing file.

    Same with exporting video.

    If you continue to have the problem then describe more clearlywhat you are doing .

    -Mike (videoscribe user)


  • I still find it very confusing to make a copy of a source file in order to rebuild another version in a different language

    while keeping the same succession of slides and a similar outlay on the operative canvass.(the canvass which is visible when we produce the different slides, on the timeline).

  • I'll try and break it down into steps and hopefully that will help.

    1. Open the scribe you would like to make a copy of

    2. Once Open click save and then change the name of the scribe, just putting a version number after the name would work fine


    3. Once saved as a new name you will have 2 copies of the same scribe and you can amend the new copy without effecting the original design

  • When I've opened an existing scribe, and I edit the file name, clicking on the "check mark" doesn't do anything.  It doesn't save a copy of the scribe.  But if I try to save as the original file name, it saves after I click the "check mark."  I'm unable to copy an existing scribe file. Help!

  • Hi,
    Make sure you have saved the project with the original name in the base folder within videoscribe.
    Then save a copy of the project with a new name in the base folder within videoscribe.

    not on your desktop
    not online
    not as a .scribe file
    not in a new folder

    save the new copy with a new name to the base folder in videoscribe. After you do that you can save it to other locations as well.

    I am pretty sure videoscribe will not let you export a .scribe file with a new name unless you have already saved the file locally (to the base folder in videoscribe).

    -Mike (videoscribe user)

  • That worked, Mike!  Thank you.

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