Arabic letters (RR-1158)

  • This software is very useful. I really wish that you can activate the use of Arabic letters

  • Hi,
    LINK: Can I make other fonts "draw" well?

    -Mike (videoscribe user)


  • very fast respond! Thanks a lot
  • I was about purchasing the software today, but I was using the trial version and I found out that there's a problem withe the Arabic fonts

    I searched google to find a solution, and I found a lot of threads since a whole year, and until now there's no solution, I am sorry but it's not professional to ignore this problem and to not solve it for a whole year, ignoring that there is some Arabic people purchased it and they can't use their language

    I will ask for the last time, when this problem will be fixed? and don't tell me that your development team is working because I don't see any progress

  • Muhammed, I have just spoken to the product owner for VideoScribe to get an update on where this feature is in the development backlog. It's still a little way off I'm afraid and isn't likely to be available in the immediate future. Would love to be able to give you something more solid but we only have a small team here and as you can see with the amount of requests on this forum there are a lot of potential ideas. If you then add to that our own ideas, the other applications we have and also the various new and exciting apps we have in development as well we have to prioritise. 

    We do use the 'like' field on the original post as well as number of comments to judge popularity of a feature request so give it a vote as the more public demand the quicker it is likely to come.

  • The software is a real treat but the Arabic feature which is not working properly is the biggest flaw ... whenever I try to type anything it shows correct in the insert text box for e.g: طاهر  this the write spelling for my name but while I add it on it show like this ط  ا  ه  ر  and this is the most frustrating thing. why isn't this problem being resolved after so many same complain from multiple users

    yours sincere client


  • Taher, make sure you like the original post as we use that to measure popularity of a request. The more likes the bigger a priority it will become.

  • Hello guys -  we have just published a tip and tricks video for Arabic script but this can be applied to any language not fully supported by VideoScribe at the moment -

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