No internet - can I work or not?

  • Hi...

    Probably comes under "Dumb Question of the Day Award", however - that's never stopped me before.

    I was waiting at a hospital today with my PC, and somewhat "suboptimal" internet connectivity.

    I wondered if I could work completely offline using an icon on my PC that said "Sparkol Desktop". I could not - it just wanted to look for a connection.

    Is there any way, existing or planned, that allows me to work in Videoscribe with local held scribes and that does not require Internet connectivity?


  • Hi Bruce,

    It is possible without an internet connection but have a poor internet connection you may find difficulties.

    Initially, whilst you have a good connection. Log into VideoScribe and ensure 'Remember me' is ticked.

    If you are without an internet connection VideoScribe will remember these details and allow you to work offline.

    This is only available to Pro users.

    Thanks, Joe

  • Just a little extra note: As Joe mentioned, if you have a weak or intermittent internet connection, then you may encounter some problems, so in that case it may be best to DISABLE your internet card before working offline.  Otherwise each time your device tries to connect... or connects momentarily, you may get kicked out of your videoscribe session.

    -Mike (videoscribe user)

  • Thanks for sharing such helpful information, This what I want to know and before purchasing this information was my top priority, 
    Good job guys. 

  • There is a support article on Working Offline that will outline what you'll be limited to whilst working offline. 

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