Videoscribe training manual LINK



    can be a little difficult to find. How about providing a link to it:

    on the Downloads page

    or on the versions page

    or on the Instant Answers page with the 2.0 tutorials links

    or all of the above?

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  • Thanks Mike. We will be updating the PDF worksheets for VideoScribe version 3 very soon and I will advise that they are made more visible when that has been completed.

  • Hi there. Is there a new version of the manual anywhere. 

    A. This manual still says

    Tip: If you ever need to return to the camera position for one of these

    (or any future) elements, select the element and then click on its

    thumbnail in the Timeline.

    which I think has been removed in the latest verion 3.2.1  correct?  and also can you tell me how and when to use the TWO EYES icon in the bottom right of the videoscribe UI  as this doesn't seem to be usable anymore. 

    I realise I can open the 'change camera settings' mini panel and then click 'View elements camera position' but I understood this button on the far right would do that. and it would be so handy to have. 

    (I am a user who much preferred the interactive feeling of how it worked in the older version where I could feel the camera flow by clicking on each timeline item. (see TIP: above from version2) 

    Is there any news on an update fixing these issues? 

    **A keyboard shortcut to 'View elements camera position'  would be absolutely fantastic**

  • Hi Russ,

    The manual has not yet been updated.

    The timeline has been updated and works differently now. See Timeline quick menu for instructions.

    The 2 eyes icon is used to unhide any hidden elements. See Hide elements in the timeline.

    We will be reviewing the position of the view camera button in a future update but I do not have an estimate at this time of when that will be done.

  • Thank you for the update.

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