Gender discrimination

  • Hi team,

    Love the product but thought I should raise that amongst the picture bank provided there is some serious gendered issues here, and probably some other social exclusion things I haven't discovered. Hard to please everyone but I work with young girls in sport and there is nothing really in here i can use.

    Is it possible to get mixed gender or even gender neutrality for search terms like sport amongst the image bank provided?

  • Hi Justen,

    I spoke to our illustrator and had a look at the Sports Metaphor pack. Of the people images in that pack I found five women (the hurdler is apparently based on Pamela Jelimo but I'm aware the drawing is very gender ambiguous). I agree this isn't good enough and it's something we'll be more mindful of in the future. 

    Thanks for your feedback, much appreciated. 

  • Please consider females for the stick figures and the super heroes. Would like single, adult females not grouped with others. Also would like to see middle aged females for business professionals. Also would be nice to see middle aged people of each gender for other categories.
  • Thanks,

    I must have a different version. When I type the word sport in the basic online stuff there are about two females in there. Again its not how many it is also what they are doing. Try to avoid sporting stereotypes (girls in tights doing gymnastics and boys playing soccer; girls as cheerleaders and boys dunking a basketball; girls doing aerobics and boys lifting weights).

    Thanks for caring. As I said, great product.

  • Justen – if you take a look in the Sports Metaphor (online) pack you should see a couple more. It might just be a case of them not being tagged correctly. 

    Justen & Ginni – I have passed all your feedback on to our illustration team. I know they are working on getting some more diverse characters into VideoScribe at the moment and the gender/age factor is definitely being addressed.

    Thanks again for your feedback :) 

  • A taste of things to come – download 3 new sports images.

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