V2 - Dial-in framesize during create a video screen.

  • Hi Guys.

    What has become of the dial in video framesize option at rendertime!? I am developing some elearning that requires a framesize of 960x540. After coming back from holiday to resume work on my animations I'm finding I can't render out old scribes to this size nor create new ones by manually setting the size I want.  - I'm now stuck with either 640, 720 or 1080. Granted, I can render out at 1080 and process them in another video editor but I have hundreds made and still hundreds more to produce all requiring this frame size specified by my client. 

    Please tell me this option can be set somewhere else that I haven't discovered in v2.0?

    Also, do we have to wait for the library to repopulate all folders and assets every-time we go to add a new art asset? This didn't happen in V1 and is now really slowing down productivity, can this be set to just appear and you can dive straight into the folders as before?

    Yours hopefully,


  • Anyone got any thoughts on the absence of the manual sizing of video frame size?

  • Hi Stephen,

    Thanks for getting in touch.

    There is nowhere within Version 2 that you can manually enter the framesize - you could go back to using version 1.3.26 which is available here but any scribes that you have saved in version 2 cannot be opened in version 1.3.26

    I have changed this post to become a feature request so that our Development team will see it and consider it for a possible future enhancement.

    We are currently testing version 2.0.2 of VideoScribe which will speed up the library loading a little and this version should be available soon - I cannot give a release date at the moment but it will be days or weeks rather than months away.


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