Multiple colors in one line of text

  • Is it possible to place more than one color in a single line of text?

    e.g.  Three words in black and one in red?  (all drawn in one line).

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  • Hi Kent, thanks for your question.

    This is not directly possible.

    You can add filters to combine colours to text.

    The only way to specifically give each individual letter a colour would be to add text one letter at a time.

    You can add one letter, set it up the way you want, then copy and paste it to keep those properties. Then you will only need to position it where you want and change the colour.

    I have attached a scribe to demonstrate an effect you can get using the filter.

    Thanks, Joe

  • P.S. I will change this question to an idea a feature request.

    Thanks, Joe

  • My colleagues and I would really benefit from this function. It's such a pain having to put in a letter at a time in different colours. Cheers

  • this would be a very useful feature.

  • Any progress on this? As well as different colours, being able to have different size text is required too. 

    I mean, it would saves us users lots of time! 

  • No update on this one yet. You would need to create the changes as a new text element and then place them to look like one sentence on the canvas. I have attached an example of how this is done and a link to the output as well.

  • Thanks for the tutorial.  Still hope this feature gets added, it will save me about 75% of the time to create my scribes if this can be done via one element, vs. several!

    Appreciate the response.

  • Hi, any update on this feature yet?

  • Not at this point, make sure you like the original post if it's something you want to see as the number of likes is one of the things we consider when looking at what to add to VideoScribe next.

  • Just thought I'd let you know that we are working on a big text/font update and this request will be available as part of that

  • Hi Barry,  do you know when this option is going to be avialable?? thanks

  • It's in development. Sparkol does not have an exact date at this moment.

  • We've released v3.6 of VideoScribe this morning which has some big changes to fonts and text, including multiple colours in a single text box support. 

    Find out more about what's included and also how to upgrade to this version via the v3.6 release notes.

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