Images Don't Appear on Screen and Videoscribe Crashes when changing hands

  • Okay for the first problem, images are not appearing properly on the screen. Here's a screenshot for better understanding.

    Second problem is when I change hands, videoscribe becomes "not responding" and just crashes.

  • Hi Vanessa,

    We're really sorry about the long delay in getting back to you- there was an error with our system and your post was not listed with the support team.

    There are a few factors which could be causing your issue- if this is still a problem for you, please save your scribe in your online (cloud) folder and let us know the name of your scribe. Then we can open it here and look into this for you.

    Again, apologies for the long delay, and please let us know if you need any further support or information.

  • I just downloaded the free trial, and I think the issues I'm having are the same as this. Each time I changed hands, it didn't actually change. I could sort of see the hand off screen, but when I pressed play, it played using the default hand. Before I decide to buy the product, I'd like to be confident that it'll respond the way I want it to. Loved the tutorials, by the way!

  • Since you are not experiencing a crash, it may not be the same problem.

    Make sure you are following the correct steps to change the hand:

    1) click the hand icon at the top of the screen to change the hand for the whole scribe.

    2) don't click the "add own" button unless you are uploading custom images that you have made from photographs of your own hand.

    3) On the hand menu, just click the hand that you want TWICE and wait for the menu to close.

    4) clicking the hand icon on the image properties for one element will only change the hand for that one element.

    If you are still having a problem then you could try saving your work and restarting videoscribe before trying again. There may be a problem with memory usage in your scribe.

    -Mike (videsocribe)


  • Hi Kori,

    Thanks for getting in touch.

    When you want to change a hand in VideoScribe, you will need to select it from the top menu.

    This will now be the default hand that it used for the whole scribe.

    You can also assign specific hands to specific elements once you have added them to the default hands list.

    I have attached a video to show you how this works.

    If what you are doing is different or this method does not work for you, please let us know.

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