Which free-hand drawing ipad apps are people using successfully with VS?

  • I just purchased VS pro yesterday and have experienced constant crashes on my MAC. Based upon what I've read here, not just any .svg files work and I think that's my problem. 

    I have "Concepts" specifically for it's .svg capability, but all images I've imported to VS cause the system to crash when I try to turn on "brush." I've tried the different pen/pencil types Concepts offers to get a basic drawing, but the effect is the same. 

    Neu.draw advertises that their app works with VideoScribe. But I'm reluctant to buy something else until I hear from others.

    Thanks in advance for you insight!

  • Hi Rebecca,

    We're really sorry about the long delay in getting back to you- there was an error with our system and your post was not listed with the support team. This issue has been resolved and should not happen again.

    I've had a look at Concepts, and their images seem to work ok in VideoScribe. If you are using a fairly large scribe and trying to use the brush effect, VideoScribe may be running out of memory. If you are still having issues with this, you could save the scribe in your online (cloud) folder and let us know the name of your scribe. Then we can open it here and look into this for you.

    Again, apologies for the long delay, and please let us know if you need any further support or information.

  • A Concepts app imported SVG file simple sketch drawing draws entire image prior to brush strokes being traced out. Image was created with iPad2 , using a fixed pen width with and manual layering in the concepts app. VideoScribe seems to trace the drawing ok, but the whole drawing is visible before the drawing is sketched. I spoke with the Concepts support folks already and they claim that the keystrokes are being recorded correctly and are following the SVG spec. Here is a simple image of the strokes 1 2 3 thar was imported into VideoScribe. I would appreciate the help. https://www.dropbox.com/s/malqepzh9m5tu85/123%20concepts%20app%20svg%20draws%20poorly.mov?dl=0 I have read and tried unsucessfully a few things like re-sketching over a drawing a second time and such, but it all seems laborious and a bit complicated. There must be a better solution. Can someone possibly guide me with this some? Thanks! Mike Regards, Mike
  • Hey Michael,

    I've had a look at your file and the reason it's not drawing correctly within VideoScribe is that the paths are buried in several sub-layers.

    Under Layer 1 you have 3 sub-layers: 'concepts to svg coordinate transform', ,<desc> and <title>

    you then have another sub-layer under 'concepts to svg coordinate transform' called 'GROUP .......' and then another sub-layer called Pen containing all of your stroke sub-layers.

    In order to get your image drawing properly you need to re-structure your file, with absolutely no nested sub-layers. 

    I've attached a cleaned up version of your SVG to this message but for reference your file structure should look like this -

    |-- Layer 1
    |    |-- Stroke C (3)
    |    |-- Stroke B (2)
    |    |-- Stroke A (1)

    VideoScribe will draw the bottom sub-layer first and work up through the file. I've had a brief look at the Concepts app and it looks like layer adjustments etc. are Pro only features, if you continue to run in to problems constructing your file in this app I recommend getting a trial of Adobe Illustrator (free for 30 days) and following this excellent tutorial on making SVGs for VideoScribe.

  • Ben can you please attach the file again and email it to me.

    Or, perhaps better put it in a dropbox location so I can download it.

    The file above "numbers SVG.svg" seems like a URL to a page with the image.

    I think I need the actual file to let the Concepts folks to look at.

    Sorry to clutter this forum topic, but I cannot seem to download the actual .svg file.

    Could you please try getting it to me in another way.



  • Hi again Michael,

    To download that file linked in the message above just right-click on the link, 

    choose 'Save link as...' ensure the file type reads 'scalable vector graphic', 

    then choose a destination on your machine and hit the save button!



  • can you please suggest tool that just works?  requirements:  need an app on iPad using the apple pencil that allows you to draw and saves an SVG file in the order that you drew it its.  why is this so hard to answer?

  • okay, it seems the SVG produced by handwriting with apple pencil on iPad pro using application Graphic (for sale by Indeeo, Inc and not Autodesk)  is produced in the same order of the handwriting.  I tried the same solution with SVG output from "Sketchbook" and it was all out of order.  

  • http://www.indeeo.com/
    "We’re very excited to announce that Indeeo has been acquired by Autodesk, and that iDraw is now Autodesk Graphic"

    poTAYto / poTAHto


  • When using Autodesk Graphic on a new Ipad with Apple Pencil, there is a delay from when touching the screen with the stylus to the first appearance of the line on the screen. Sometimes it is more responsive than other times, but it is hard to match up lines. Is this a problem in the design of the software? It doesn't happen with another drawing program I downloaded to compare with Autodesk Graphic.


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