Hindi text in VideoScribe (RR-932)

  • What I like about Sparkol is the way it renders English Text and if the same can be done for Hindi text it will be great.  I am sure with the boom in education market in India, there will be a great potential for Hindi font rendering in Video Scribe :-). 

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  • Please add Devanagari font support to Video Scribe......as methew already explain the need and potential of the same.



  • +1

    Badly need this feature in video scribe.

  • Hello,

    Please add HINDI text font to VideoScribe.

    Thank you.


  • Oh God, Me and my friends would have almost bought this software, just then we realized there are no Hindi fonts and we dropped the idea.

  • Please add HINDI text font to VideoScribe.

  • +1 for this. Please add hindi support. I need this really urgent.

  • I wiil take a premium subscription if you add Hindi, Its the only thing that is bothering me.

  • Please add support for Hindi and other major regional languages of India. Videoscribe is a great tool, that a lot of people in India can use and benefit from.

  • Hello guys -  we have just published a tip and tricks video for Arabic script but this can be applied to any language not fully supported by VideoScribe at the moment - http://blog.videoscribe.co/scribing-tip-how-to-get-arabic-words-to-draw-well/

  • Please add support for Devnagari script

  • Please add support for hindi font

  • Any of you who did not click the link in the original post to LIKE this feature, be sure to do so. This is an important change!

  • Not having Hindi font is a huge disadvantage!!!!  Please add this

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