removing video from youtube that was posted via videoScribe

  • Hello,
    how do i remove a video that i posted via videoscribe on youtube?
    thank you


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  • You will need to log in to your YouTube account and delete it from there.


  •  Hi Matt - I tried doing the above - I cannot see the video under my login details My Videos. But when I search for the video using the search bar, the video comes up. Can you help?

  • 1) can you provide a link to the video? provide it here.
    2) do you have more than one youtube channel? Login to the correct one.
    3) clicking "my channel" won't display unlisted o private videos.
    4) when you login to your channel , click your avatar in the upper right corner, go to creator studio/ video manager/ videos to view all videos


    -Mike (videoscribe user)

  • Mike -
    This doesn't work. I have several videos that I uploaded to YouTube via VideoScribe. I wasn't logged in to YouTube at the time. Now, when I log in to the YouTube the videos do not appear in my uploads. However, the videos do appear under my VideoScribe user name housed somewhere on YouTube. I HAVE TO DELETE THE VIDEOS.
    Please advise. Thanks.


  • Hi,
    It does work. If YOU uploaded videos, then videoscribe required YOU to login to a youtube channel during the publishing process. You have not provided enough information to determine why you are having trouble.

    One of the following has probably happened:

    1) You made an additional youtube channel because you were having problems uploading to your regular one.
    2) someone else made a youtube channel for you and published the video for you because you were having problems uploading to your channel.

    You or whoever created the new youtube channel for you , will have to login to the correct channel and manage your videos.

    -Mike (videoscribe user)


  • There's a "backdoor" way to remove videos posted to YouTube via VideoScribe.
    When one logs in using their known YouTube log-in, the avatar in the upper right will appear. Click on the avatar and your known YouTube user name will appear. Just below it is your VideoScribe username. Clicking on this will enable identification of the videos uploaded via VideoScribe under your VideoScribe username.


  • I'm not sure I understand what you are seeing. All my videoscribe uploads and other manually uploaded videos are in the same channel and can be managed (edited deleted etc) through the same creator studio page.

    Is it possible that you are just describing the way youtube works when you have more than one channel on your account (or multiple linked accounts or something)?  As I mentioned before, I think you are describing a second channel under your youtube account that you created, or someone helped you create at some time in the past. 

    Maybe customer support or other users can shed some light on this for us.

    Were you able to delete the video(s) or are you only able to see them but not delete them?

    -Mike (videoscribe user)


  • And, I was able to delete specific videos this way -- Thanks!


  • Oh that's great! Good work and thanks for sharing your results!


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