You do I get 2 elements to appear at the same time?

  • I have text and I have a graphic. How can I get the graphic to appear while the text is being drawn instead of in sequence? I don't like each thing being drawn one at a time, at least not always. 

  • Hi,
    The current version of videoscribe will not draw two elements at the same time.

    you could combine them into one SVG, so that the text starts drawing, then the image is drawn and then the text continues.... but that requires you to be able to use inkscape or illustrator with some proficiency.

    you can find a variety of guides here, or on youtube about using those programs but they have a bit of a leaning curve.

    -Mike (videoscribe user)


  • Is Videoscribe going to add this feature of adding 2 elements at once? I would like to use the gif thought bubbles and have some text appear inside them, at the same time (vs thought bubble first, then the actual text). Also I would also like to have text action on different parts of the canvas at the same time. Is this functionality possible? 

  • Agreed. Being able to draw multiple elements simultaneously would greatly improve the versatility of the software.

    I've produced 4 "professional" videos so far with VideoScribe, and with 2 out of the 4 I needed to introduce an inferior creative workaround to accommodate not being able to draw multiple elements at the same point on the timeline.  


  • Alison,

    With your requirement of having a speech bubble and the words drawn at a the same time there is a solution to this. You can put your image and text in the canvas and then take a screenshot of them (Snipping Tool on Windows and Command+Shift+4 on Mac). You can then save this as a complete image and import it as a JPG or PNG back into VideoScribe so it's one element and animated at the same time. I have attached a simple example of this to show what I mean. Here's a link as well to some suggestions on our Instant Answers page.


    I agree that this is a good idea for a future feature. We actually have an ideas and feature requests section to our community where this could be raised and you can 'Like' the idea so we know how popular it is. The more popular the more consideration we will give it.


    (59.9 KB)
  • Hi

    Has this been added in as a feature yet? Its something I would use a lot!

  • If you want 2 elements to appear at the same time, you can set the draw, pause and transition time for the first element to zero, and the draw time for the second one to zero. Both will appear at the same time.

    If you want 2, 3, or more elements to be drawn by separate hands at the same time, that is not a feature of videoscribe. You will have to make separate scribes and composite them using some kind of video editing program.

    If you want to combine 2 or more images into one image, you can use photoshop or gimp for raster images, or inkscape or illustrator for vector images (or whatever other programs you have that will out put the appropriate files).

    -Mike (videoscribe user)


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