Processing problems

  •  I'm using 2.0.2.  My scribes are text only with audio recorded.

    I have to restart VideoScribe after each time I add audio and save the scribe.

    If I don't, it just sits on Processing...

    I've got plenty of memory.

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  • Hi Michael,

    do you have an example scribe where this issue occurs that you could save to your online directory so we can have a look?

    Please let us know the name.



  • It's not the scribe because after I restart VideoScribe, it processes fine.  These are just text files. I put the text in, then record the audio, then it just sits on processing.  The problem occurs when its trying to process the audio after I record it.

    I restart VideoScribe, open the scribe, record the audio and the audio processes fine.

    I then open a new scribe, put in the text, record the audio, and it just freezes on processing.

    I restart VideoScribe, open the scribe that I just had the issue with, record the audio and it processes fine.

    But, if I create a new scribe and record the audio, it freezes on processing.

    I have to restart VideoScribe to complete a scribe.


  • I'm sorry that this issue is recurring.

    As a workaround for the moment, you could try recording your voice-over externally in a program such as Audacity.

    If you then export as an MP3 file you can add it as a voice-over in VideoScribe.

    In order to get to the bottom of your problem could you please provide a bit of information and try a couple of things?

    1. Check in Task Manager how much memory VideoScribeDesktop.exe is using when running and no scribe is loaded.

    2. Create a simple text scribe like you have been doing before and add a voiceover. How much memory is being used before and when processing the voiceover?

    3. Do you have a lot of fonts loaded? You can check by clicking on the 'F' icon in the 'Add text' box. The fonts that are loaded are highlighted blue and have a trash-can next to them.


  • 288,324 k when newly opened

    386,097 k after creating a scribe with audio.

    9 fonts


  • Hi Michael,

    I am starting to think that there may be a problem with the folder where VideoScribe stores data.

    Please save all your scribes to your online directory, close VideoScribe and navigate to the following directory:


    Then find the VideoScribeDesktop folder and rename it (VideoScribeDesktopOld for example).

    Then restart VideoScribe and repeat the process as you did before to see if the problem is resolved.

    This will create a brand new VideoScribeDesktop folder which may sort out the problem.

    Please let me know how you get on.



  • The same thing is happening here. I saved the scribe first and tried again and it is stuck on processing. 

  • Hi Darren, sorry you have this issue.

    If you are still experiencing this problem, please can you save a copy of the scribe to your cloud directory and 

    send us the details via a support ticket.