Deleting an object

  • Hi folks, Can anyone tell me what is the best way to delete / make an object disappear in VideoScribe? I know that I can erase an object but what about when you just want to remove the current instance from the canvas? For example, let's say that I wanted to show a whale jumping into a fish bowl? I understand that I can create a duplicate instance of the whale and make this as small as possible but are there any other techniques I could use? Thanks. - Mark
  • The way you have suggested will work well - morphing to a smaller copy of the image. 

    To remove items from the canvas you can just start again on a blank part - adding images and setting the camera accordingly.

    If you want the canera to stay still and remove one item from view then the best way is to use the scribble out image in the shapes library.

    If you search for the word scribble you will get a blank white image that you can place over other images.

  • Thanks Matthew. In this instance I'll have to stick with the morphing option but I really appreciate you getting back to me.

  • Hello Matthew,

    Scribble out works fine but what if there are other objects underneath the the object to be erased , the scribble out will make those vanish as well.Any workaround to delete any specific object?I hope you got my point.

    Thanks in advance !


  • You could morph the object to a copy of itself with a 0% opacity.

    It will probably work well for simple black line art but anything with a reveal stroke may look weird.

    look for morph tutorials on the INSTANT ANSWERS page for more info.

    -Mike (videoscribe user)


  • Hi Mike ,

    It worked well.Thanks for the quick tip.


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