Attach audio files to elements and audio track in timeline (RR-601)

  • hi, are there news about "attach multiple music files (voice or music) to scenes at the story board?"

  • I cannot believe that his topic has been around so long, has had such universal interest, and can make such a big difference in the value this product could have to its users...and has still not been aggressively addressed by its developers! Without this feature, I cannot use this product conveniently enough to prefer it over its competition! And I've been harping on this for more than a year or two. C'mon guys! Either DO something about it or tell us why you can't. 

  • Ellis, I have answered this the best I can for you on your other post -

  • Hi, my requirement is to get explain an  2  mint audio with animation of image get completed in the 12 seconds.

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