Indian Language Fonts (Shruti.ttf)

  • I wish to add Shruti.ttf font to Videoscribe (2.0.2).

    I have shruti.ttf font installed on my PC. 

    However, Gujarati characters (characters of an Indian language font) are not getting uploaded.

    Below is an example sentence using characters from shruti.ttf fonts: શું આ ફોન્ટ વિડીઓસ્ક્રાઇબમા ઇન્સટોલ થઇ શકે?

    Could anyone please help!!

    (229 KB)
  • Hi Dave, Currently Gujarati characters are not supported for text in VideoScribe.

    We are working on introducing more and more languages into VideoScribe.

    In version 2.0.2 we introduced Latin extended characters, Greek, Cyrilic, Armenian, Hebrew and Arabic.

    We are looking at ways to have even more languages included in the future.

    In the meantime you could import the text as SVG images as a work around.

    The items outlines will draw first and then fill in using the process in this tutorial -

    Thanks, Joe

  • Hi Dave,

    videoscribe does not currently support Indian language fonts.

    The list of available alphabets can be seen here.

    You would need to create the text as svg images and import that to the VideoScribe software by following these steps:

    Type the text you want to import into a writing programme

    Copy the textOpen Inkscape (free image-editing software)

    Select the type character in the sidebar (‘A’) and paste your text into Inkscape

    Select ‘Path’ from the menu above and then ‘Object to path’– this will convert your text into an SVG image Go to ‘File’, ‘Save as’ and save the text image to your computer

    Open your VideoScribe project and click ‘Add image’Find your text image and select ‘Use image’

    Edit the draw time as necessary

    I hope this helps.



  • even after 3 years gujarati font is not installed in videoscribe ?????

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