FPS & Export To Video Problem

  • Exporting to video, wmv file. Tried 3 times. The first 2 times the file was created but it was 400 bytes. So I waited for 20 minutes and nothing got built. It worked the 3rd time. Don't know if related to wmv. Trying a different format now.

    And I tried changing the frames per second from the default of 25 to 30. So the video wound up being 30 seconds shorter. I didn't even test to see whether or not the audio was out of sync. So please explain.

  • Hi Derek,

    Sorry that you have been having these issues.

    If you are having issues with publishing as a WMV it may be related to memory issues, as rendering as WMV is more memory intensive than rendering as MOV or FLV. The best thing to do when having these issues is to save your scribe, close down VideoScribe, re open it and try to render your scribe straight away, or to use another video format.

    Regarding the issue related to the frames per second, it would be helpful for us if we could have a look at your scribe- could you save this scribe in your on line folder so we can open it here? Then we can look into what is causing this issue for you.

  • Yes it is there. Called opt in.
  • I have rendered your scribe as WMV, FLV and MOV (in low resolution as a test) and they rendered fine although the WMV version was out of sync as you were experiencing before.

    You will have success if you render as MOV or FLV - you can convert to a WMV afterwards.

    Let me know if you have success rendering to either of these formats.

    The reason you are getting the variable results when rendering to WMV is to do with the high memory usage when the process is executed.

    We are working on improving the WMV rendering for an upcoming version.


  •  please help me

    (37.7 KB)
  • that message seems pretty clear. you can't render videos to your hard drive unless you have a paid subscription. what kind of help do you want?

    -Mike (videoscribe user)


  • haha

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