• I like the large library of music. There should be a way to lower the sound or raise the sound throughout the video. I like to open with the volume up and then reduce the sound when I'm speaking. For now, I am doing the audio files in Audacity. But it would be nice to be able to do it in the tools section where we can change draw, morph and move in. 



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  • Yes, a basic "Auto-Ducking" feature for when onboard music is used would be a great addition.

  • I agree. This is a main missing feature for me.

  • Hi Ely, are you from Ely UK ? I lived in a small city called Ely


  • Hi. No. I'm from the states, but I'm in the Czech Republic. It's actually short for Elysa. I've wanted to visit Ely. My Chinese friends call me Ely like the city and I call myself Ellie. :)

  • Hi Ely,

    Good idea.

    We are going to make a big change in the music area soon and this could be something that will enhance these changes further down the line.

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