Voucher system

  •  Hi

    I have a request for a feature. I wanted to give a Videoscribe one off as a present to a friend but found out that it is a bit complicated. So I think it would be a good idea to have some kind of voucher system.

    med vänlig hälsning Lars Skoglund

  • Thanks for your suggestion.

    Currently there is an option to change the name, email address and password of an account if you wanted to change the name of the account holder.

    This link has instructions on how to change account details - http://help.videoscribe.co/support/solutions/folders/1000048277

    We could also assist you assigning a licence to a new user (as long as they are not already registered).

    If you would like to request this, please create a ticket with the request using this link - http://help.videoscribe.co/support/tickets/new

    Thanks, Joe

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