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Feedback welcome - charts and data in VideoScribe

We're developing the next version of VideoScribe and would like your feedback on the new features.

First up, charts and data. You can read about it and watch a demo video here, then let us know what you think below.

Sparkol blog – Charts and data preview

This new feature is still in development so your comments will help us make it brilliant for everyone. Thank you.

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Adding charts and data is a very welcome feature. I sometimes make my own graphs now but it is difficult to get the measures right. So drawing a graph based on data would be really great. 

Cannot wait to test it :) 

Sparkol Videoscribe Rocks.

Looks very interesting :)


Really excited about this. If you need someone to beta test it, feel free to let me :)


Hi Nancy, 

We do currently have a beta test program.

If you're interested in joining it, please take a few minutes to fill out this survey and we will be able to send you the details.

Thanks, Joe

Looks potentially great :)

Are we going to be able to reformat/position the text?

Text that is slanted and/or upside down is not acceptable in many corporate styles/branding guidelines.

So - would need to be 45 degrees top-left to bottom-right on the Bar Chart, (love the Sauron Eye - brilliant!), and horizontal placement on the Pie Charts.


Hey Bruce.  

Currently the options for text are either inside or outside.  You can of course rotate the whole chart to show text level and the bars going off to one side... 

We thought that anyone who wanted more detailed or complex labels could add them manually as text after producing the chart?

If there is a better third default along side inside/outside that we could whack in there now, we're open to doing it - so an example of how you'd like it to look would be great - even if it's rough.


OK - if adding after is still an option then that's also great option..

The pie "inside" is fine, (as shown), it's just the orientation that you need to address - just rotate so that people do not have to stand on their head to read it :)

Can't wait to see this rolled out. Any other features in 2.1 we should know about?


Yes, there's a few big ones. If you haven't read this yet it'll give you a hint!

We'll be doing similar previews for the next couple of features so stay tuned.

Hi Bruce,

Trying to get a better idea of your suggested improvement.
Is this the format you were thinking of?

Thanks, Dan

Everything you do to make things easy, look different from everyone else, creates excitement.

Keep going!

Charlie Seymour Jr


This looks great! The ability to simply copy/paste from Excel is awesome. This comment is coming from an educator... 

1. I'm wondering if there will be any customization to animation time for various parts of the graphing. Ie: maybe I want the xy-coordinate plane to draw quickly but I want to slow down the drawing of the curve as I'm explaining something.

2. I'd love to be able to make a scatter plot, with curve of fit as we use this a lot in math and science

3. Will there by customization in animation order? Ie: if I was doing a scatter plot, I'd want to be able to plot the points first, probably pause, and then plot the curve of fit. Also, in the happiness vs pizza graph, I'd like the axis to be labeled first and then the line drawn.

4. I'm assuming I will be able to customize the labels that show up just as I can do in excel (ie: if I'm doing a bar chart, be able to show the count on each of the columns; I love the tick marks on the x-axis but can I have numbers; etc).

Thanks! Very excited about this,


Great feedback Stacey, thanks.

So, in answer you to your questions.. at the moment you can't change the draw time of individual elements - however, we are hoping it wont be too long before we let you edit any image within VideoScribe!

We do let you select various fonts for labels, and choose to show them inside or outside, but other than that you would need to create your own text blocks.  Oh, and we also let you choose whether you want to show values or not.

I think everything else including the scatter will go on to feature requests for next release - it's too much to try and get all of these suggestions in there now.

Keep the thoughts coming through, it's so useful to have such direct input.

@Jon Air - thanks so much for listening! This all sounds great!!


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