Copying and pasting, causing duplications.

  • Scenario

    I am in a current scribe and I have copied something in the timeline and pasted it. This works fine.

    Now I want a very specific colour, so I go on the web and convert a RGB colour to a Hex Code. I copy the hex code from the web and go to my scribe and paste it in the text or image options window. The pasting works fine. But the previous image that I copied and pasted, gets pasted again into the timeline.

    This doesn’t only happen in the scribe that I’m creating. When I leave that scribe and start another one, it happens there too. That means the image that I copied and pasted in the previous scribe gets pasted in another scribe as well.

    Please add to your list for the next release, if possible.

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  • Hi Michael,

    firstly I would recommend that you update VideoScribe to the latest version which is 2.0.2.

    You can download the latest version by logging in to your online account and selecting download.

    Once you have installed the latest version could you please let me know if you still have the same issue with copying and pasting.


  • Thanks for your quick response Matt. Indeed I am on the latest version, as soon as it was released and that's why I waited to report it. I am doing some scribes now and the same thing happens.

  • Hi Michael,

    thanks for that. I have been able to reproduce this and have logged it as a bug for our development team to look into.


  • Excellent thank you Matt.

  • I see this bug was documented over a year ago. I came across it today in 2.2.4. What is the progress on resolving this?

    I am new to VideoScribe (yearly subscription) and made a conscious NOT to install the beta version because I am trying to use this program in my business. Timely attention to known bugs would really help make me a loyal customer.

  • Hi Ray, the issue is with the Mac version and is with our development team.

    A work around would be to activate the Right click function and use this to copy and paste text.

    VideoScribe has it's own copy and paste buttons which you can use for other items.

  • Never would have thought of Right-Clicking. Another workaround to try to remember. Thanks.

  • When I duplicate items by copying and pasting and then change the attributes of one of the elements, the other one changes automatically as well. How can I prevent that?


  • Please can you confirm if the following is correct: you have two identical elements, the second is a copy of the first. With the second element selected you change the Animate time, you click on the first element and that now has the same Animate time as the second.

    Please save a copy of the scribe where you have experienced this issue to your online directory (cloud icon) let me know the name and I will take a look. Also let me know if this happens with all elements or just particular ones.

    Please could you also try creating a new scribe and seeing if the same thing happens?

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