audio problem when exporting to video

  • Hello,

    After rendering my video, the audio is noticeably quieter to the extent that it is quiet hard to hear.  Is there any common mistakes that I might be making?

    Many thanks,


  • Hi Adam, 

    Thanks for your question.

    There could be a few possibilities we will need to explore to resolve your issue.

    Can you advise if the audio issue is related to a soundtrack, a voice over or both?

    Have you tried increasing the volume within VideoScribe?

    Can you try rendering as a .Mov or .FLV and does the same thing happen?

    What are you using to play back the video after you have published/rendered the video?

    Are you able to try the playback using another media player and does the same thing happen?

    If you can advise the above and also save a copy of the scribe to the online (cloud) directory and tell us the name of it 

    we should be able to ascertain the issue for you.

    Thanks, Joe

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