Move an object on the canvas (RR-667)

  • What would be great would be the ability to move and object from one point to another on a same canvas view, without morphing its shape. Just a "morphing origin".

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  • I would really like to have the ability to move objects from one position to another without moving the canvas.This something I need to try and fathom out for an upcoming project. At present for this project I might end up having to export the scribe as a PNG sequence and use After Effects.

  • Hi there,

    Thanks for you're suggestion.

    Not sure if you're aware that you can achieve this effect using the morph option?

    I have attached and example scribe file of this.

    (31.6 KB)
  • Hi Joe,

    Many thanks for this, it does help a lot.  I have just been reviewing the Morphing Images video for v1 which shows moving a skeleton and stick man around the canvas. Do you have version 2 Scribe files of these that you could share with us?

    Best wishes,


  • Hi Mark,

    I do not have a specific one for 2.0 but you're welcome to have the one I created for 1.3.

    The principle is the same in both bar a few differences in the menu.

  • Hi Joe,

    Many thanks for sharing this v1 Scribe, I really appreciate you doing this!

    Best wishes,


  • Hello, thank you Joe for the advice, but it only works with "sticks" or simple lines elements, without any fills ! (which is a very specific style). If you use a "normal" image you will see this "sticks" step during the move. That's exactly why I was suggesting a new very simple feature to make a "morph from origin", as in softwares like keynote.

    The only trick I see (that I discovered in your scribe) is to use a hand, with the two same PNGs, and draw an invisible line to make the move. It does the trick. 

  • What I would like to be able to do is what I did on the last slide of this scribe (last slide done with keynote) :

    (the moving diamond)

  • I'd like to see a future version of VideoScribe to include some sort of motion path feature that would enable you to move and position objects in this way.

  • Moving an object from one point of the canvas to another with the hand visible, not morphing, would be a very appreciated function. Including 'picking up' an object and drop it elsewhere on the canvas (again with an appropriate hand visible)

  • Very disappointed that 2 years on we still do not have this feature which would be very simple for the Sparkol developers to add and which would make Videoscribe 100% more creative. 

  •  If you want this suggestion to be considered for inclusion in future versions of videoscribe, be sure to LIKE the original post at the top of this thread. It looks as though only 2 people have LIKEd it so far, so there may not be much interest compared to other suggestions.

    -Mike (videoscribe user)

  • A very tiny percentage of users even know this forum exists never mind use it. The majority of people who use Videoscribe just accept what they get or more likely move onto a new piece of software that gives them the functionality they want. 

  • I am new to Videoscribe, and I am on the free trial version. It is very disappointing that objects cannot be moved with color, only outlines using morph. Without this feature I will not buy the software.

  • I agree with Mike McRoberts 100%!


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