Please add an option to have zoom control over the hand/arm. (RR-1060)

  • There needs to be a hand zoom control, so we can determine/decide how far away we want the person to be drawing.  This is waaay to close ... what if we wanted it to look like they were drawing on a blackboard or large white board?

    Also,  the hands in the latest release have all "zoomed-in"/become larger for some reason.  This needs to be fixed.

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  • Hi Tim, thanks for your suggestion. If it proves popular then we will consider it for a future release.

    In the next version (2.1) there will be a whole new hands process with specific sets of hands in groups.

    Thanks, Joe

  • Sounds good, Joe ... looking forward to it.  Thanks for the reply and update.

    Take care,


  • I'm working with the trial version, and am having a big problem with the hand size. Even when it started out fine as I began a project, all the hands became larger later as I have been working on it. I see this is a problem many are having. It concerns me to pay for this program if this has not been resolved. I think the idea of having the size of the hand be controllable by the user is excellent! I hope you can make that work soon.

  • I have encountered this problem in the past and used two different hands to compensate. It's amazing when you play with scale (draw a house, then zoom people in one window), but if the hand remains the same size it "breaks the spell" and feels mechanic.

    Perhaps some sort of global (per-project) "make-an-effort-to-zoom-hand-to-drawing-board" parameter? Where 10 would instruct the app to make the best possible effort based on resolution of hand image and differences in scale in zooms... and 0 would be the current approach?


  • Please - the latest hands and pens are way large to retain the point-of-view the camera creates.

    Perhaps just a simple 'box' type control to zoom or reduce?


  • Wow, this STILL has not been fixed?!  (The too large hands, let alone the zoom control.)  I did not renew my subscription because of this issue.  THE HAND IS THE MAIN REASON TO USE SPARKOL!!  Ridiculous.  I'm glad I haven't renewed, and absolutely WILL NOT be renewing until this is fixed.  Come on guy!  6 months or more!!!  Wow.

  • I agree. I love the program, but tend to only use NO HAND because the hands are too bloody big! WHY is it taking this long to be able to control the size of the hand????


  • Ok, I've let another quarter go by and am hoping this issue has been addressed.  Can anyone let me know if has been taken care of now?  Either the "large hand issue" OR controlling the zoom level of the hand/arm?

    I really want to renew my Sparkol, but can't until this VERY KEY issue is fixed.

  • I believe that Sparkol decides which suggestions to implement, and in what order to implement them, based on several factors including the perceived popularity of the request.

    I would encourage anyone who likes this idea to click the "LIKE" link in the first post. Currently on 3 people (including myself) have LIKEd it.

    -Mike (videoscribe user)


  • I just started using Sparkol VideoScribe about one month ago. Already, I am wishing I could control the size of the arm. I am generating videos that must fit in a specific size 4:3 aspect ratio (due to embedding the video into a specific frame size). So, I had to insert a 4:3 box into which all my elements must fit. Since I can't resize the arm, any element drawn close to the borders is drawn with a truncated hand/arm.

    I did vote/Like the idea in the first post, but also wanted to insert my reasons for requesting the arm zoom control. At the time of my post here, there are only 8 people that like the idea of arm zoom control. I'm sure there are many more, but they probably are not making the effort to find these posts. Unfortunate.

  • +1. Hands are still a mess in Videoscribe....


  • Sad news.  I've been waiting for over a year.  I have not subscribed to Sparkol since my renewal came up as a result.  It's one of the most important parts of a Scribe ... completely unacceptable.  I really liked Sparkol too, but as advanced AE user, After Effects has had to fill in.  It can more than do the job, but I liked Sparkol's simplicity as it was directly designed to do this ... real shame.

  • Hello. I finished a large project for a client about three weeks ago, with 8 large WB videos and for the most part was happy with Sparkol (I had done another 5 for other clients). Little hiccups here and there I was able to work around. 

    Starting a new project this week and I am bumping into this large hand issue which I had never seen.  Makes the videos look really amateurish and not at all what the new client was looking for.  I have a really tight turnaround, so I hope you have a solution to make the hands normal size again! Please help! I can dance around this issue and tell the client that the software provider (Sparkol) is fixing the problem for only so long...

  • Perhaps it would be helpful if users could upload some screenshots here to show what we find "working" and "not working".

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