Please add an option to have zoom control over the hand/arm. (RR-1060)

  • Hi Karl, sorry you have this problem.

    Please can you create a support ticket for the issue as this thread is regarding features and idea requests.

  • Attached is a screenshot showing the large hand issue and the "nonworking" example. It covers up everything in the picture so you don't see the art of a drawing unfolding.  A "working" example can be seen in any of your demos...

  • Hello, I created a ticket to address this issue, but haven't heard anything back in 8 days.  Is there anything being done to fix this? I understand I am not alone in dealing with this problem, and have a project due in the next week.  Thanks in advance for your help.

  • Hi Karl, 

    my colleague Matt replied to your ticket last week.

    We have not had a reply from as yet.

    Please can you check your inbox for the reply?

  • This feature request has been assigned a reference of VS-2116

    and will be updated when further information becomes available.

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  • Wouldn't an option to keep hand/arm/pen in proportion to text be one way to keep perspective and sizing synchronized?

  • Well this is exceptionally depressing! I found another thread, with the same issue from 2014! THIS thread hasn't been touched in 2 years, and v 3.2 seems to have the same "issue" ! 

  • Hello Alison,

    I let the product manager for VideoScribe know that we are getting some activity on this request and giving the original post a like as we meet we (support) meet with the product development team regularly to let them know what people are talking about the most. A like of the original post is how we count votes for this to happen.

  • I am revisiting this post - nearly 5 years ago, I made a request to manage zoom on the hand. I have a new client with nearly a dozen whiteboard videos they are looking to make, and have a real desire to show a much smaller hand in the video. They've asked me to look at other whiteboard video vendors, because the issue still hasn't been addressed. Also, I know you have two images for the hand to help make the hand look like it is more animated. Have you explored further to make it even more realistic in the drawing motion? More images used? Change in angle, etc? Please see about this subject, as it never seemed to be fully addressed in this thread, and I am not looking forward to leaving Videoscribe and learning another platform. Thanks

  • I agree that hand sizing, hand angles, and more positions would all add value and realism to videoscribe.

    Even a "randomize hand angle" option would be useful. The catch is that rotating existing hands could possibly cause the cropped-off end of the hand to be visible in the finished video.

    (Hand sizing, and hand angles can be done manually on a per-element basis by making custom hands, but the process is somewhat cumbersome. having in-program settings would be an impressive and useful feature.)

    hand sizing thread: hand sizing information and tips.

  • (We could use more than 17 "LIKE"s on the original post of this topic to make it more of a priority.)

  • Thanks Mike. I agree, it must not be as much a priority as we'd hoped. Which is a little crazy, as I've had more than two clients who had real issues with this. I think that a vast majority of users aren't necessarily delivering to serious clients.

  • Karl wrote:

    "I know you have two images for the hand to help make the hand look like it is more animated. Have you explored further to make it even more realistic in the drawing motion? More images used? Change in angle, etc?"

    A comment about realism: when VS added new hands I was thrilled, but upon investigating the hands closely I noticed two differences between the original hand and the added ones. One, that the processing and coloring of the added hands are much more professional than the original. Two, that the angles and the difference between the two images in the original hand are really convincing, while all the later hands do not match that realism. I've kept using the original hand since, as IMHO realism in movement trumps coloring. 

    At this point, IMHO, using the original hands and adjusting its coloring - perhaps giving them some photoshop love - is your best bet to a professional result.

    I have some ideas about how to approach shooting and developing improved hands even within the current framework. It's on my "I wish I had the time and budget to do that" list. 

  • So ... I saw this notice in my inbox today:  "We’ve packed a lot in and we hope you like the sound of all these improvements!"

    Do any of those improvements happen to fix this issue, add this feature?  Can anyone confirm or deny please?


  • This feature request was not implemented in v3.3, the email linked to the release notes which showed what was included.

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