Confusing Software for a Film Maker

  •  Hi,

      For people who use video software with LAYERS, and a real timeline which is LEFT to RIGHT - the software is terribly confusing.

      I want to make, and I expect objects to disappear when their time is done - but not with this software...... you've got to move the canvas around to make them go away. You're killing me....why set the "time" an object seemingly exists only to have it mean nothing. When the time an object exists is done-it should disappear.

    Any thoughts on making this more like video editing software with layers and a true left to right timeline?

    I bet if it was more user friendly aka, similar to other video making software, you would have 10 times the users.

    Disappointed in Denver

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  • Hi Alex, thanks for your feedback and suggestions.

    VideoScribe is whiteboard animation software rather than video making software.

    Part of the way it is designed is to keep the items visible on the canvas after they are drawn.

    Being able to add items where you want rather than left to right is also one of it's key features.

    Please keep the ideas coming though!

  • Come on......get real - what's the output, a whiteboard?  NO, the output is a video, exactly like video editing software. If it's a whiteboard, why are you already offering other colors and textures for the background. The sooner you acknowledge what it really is, the sooner you'll start making it exponentially better, rather than a few features in each version.

    Here's some things you can do to make it better:
    • Add functionality to fade objects out
    • Add functionality to animate objects like waving hands, running, winking, smiling

    It's something cool.....but it's also so limited.
    Disappointed in Denve


  • Hi Alex,

    Good news! one of your suggestions:
    "functionality to animate objects like waving hands, running, winking, smiling"
    was already planned for the upcoming version 2.1!

    (((EDIT: decided that this point was probably not productive so I removed it.))

    Also, can you clarify in what way the videoscribe timeline is not currently "left to right"?

    -Mike (videoscribe user)


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