Downloading/Implementing Downloaded SVG packet

  • Someone please help.

    I just downloaded the SVG Packet for Medicine Related Drawings and I cannot find access to it anywhere 

  • Hi,
    from what site?
    Mac or PC?

    Download it again, and watch which folder you are saving it to.

    if you are using  the windows download manager open it and click the "containing folder" icon to see where the file was saved.

    Also, whatever site you are downloading it from, check that site for an FAQ or instructions.

    -Mike (videoscribe user)


  • Hi Michael,

    Further to Mikes post, if you have downloaded a pack of images from SVG studio please note that these images will not be directly imported into the VideoScribe image library- you can add these images by clicking on the 'add image' icon, and then selecting the file 'import' option (bottom left of the window that pops up) and then locating your images on your PC.

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