Exporting to PPT screen frozen.

  • After going through the export to PPT process...at the end of the process, the screen is frozen with the words "Making PowerPoint pptx file". Please help me solve this problem...my saved scribe is called "Dashboard Best Practicesv2"

  • Hi Michael,

    Do you get the same issue if you export your scribe as a MOV file? You could then import it into Powerpoint manually.

  • HI Matthew...initially...it would freeze there as well...I changed all of my fonts back to the basic font...and for the first few times...the MOV export hung also. Finally I had it finish...but the video had "Jerky" spots in the video. This process seems fairly temperamental, as it all deals with reducing the memory load of fonts, and graphics, to reduce the size of the exported project.

  • hi Michael,

    thanks for your reply.

    if you are still having problems with getting a particular scribe to render properly after trying these steps we can take a look at it for you and look into resolving the problem- if you would like us to do this please save your scribe in your online (cloud) folder and let us know the name of your scribe by raising a ticket.

  • Hi Daniel,

    I am experiencing the same problem. I am uploading right now the file. Please verify it as soon as possible.

    And I am trying to upload the scribe file and it is stucked too.


  • Hi David,

    Sorry you have this issue.

    It should work for you so we may need you to try a few things.

    First of if you’re on an earlier version please download the latest version of VideoScribe (2.0.3) and install it.

    Once you have installed version 2.0.3, can you rename and save your scribe project, close and open VideoScribe again, open the project you renamed and try to publish it as a WMV file.

    Can you confirm if you still get the same error?

    What can you see on the screen currently?

    Does VideoScribe appear to be responding?

    If you still have the issue, please restart VideoScribe and try rendering in another format such as .FLV/.MOV.

  • It doesn't work.
  • Hi David,
    (You might want to try everything that Matthew suggested, then write (in your reply) what you have tried, write down what version you are using, and answer each of his questions so he can provide more informed feedback. If you are a free trial user, you could mention that too.)

    Failure to render or upload video is most often a result of oversized images or excessive camera movements/zoom, but there are a variety of other possible factors that could contribute to the problem as well.

    related thread: http://help.videoscribe.co/support/discussions/topics/1000023738

    -Mike (videoscribe user)


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