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  • Hi there,

    It would be great if there was a 'paste without offset' function.

    I'll explain... when you want to duplicate an image etc. on the canvas, you copy and paste it. The paste function offsets the pasted image, so that you can differentiate it from the original.

    Sometimes, you want to be able to paste an iten exactly over the top of the item you copied; for example, when using one to 'wipe away' the other.

    If there was a way to paste without the offset, it would make this very easy: otherwise (and as it stands now) you can spend ages trying to get one item to sit over the other in axactly the same place on the canvas.

    Hope that makes sense - cheers,



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  •  Several people have brought this up, and I agree .

    In version 1.3.26, pasted elements were perfectly aligned. One or more people apparently found that confusing so it was changed. in newer versions.

    Hopefully "aligned paste" will be brought back.

    -Mike (videoscribe user)

  • Hi Mike,

    Why not just add a seperate button... leave the current paste as is and add a 'paste over' button...

    Or better still, just add the option to the context sensitive menu you get when right-clicking (for PC users like me) on on an object on the canvas.

    That'd suit me fine personally and you wouldn't have to mess with the GUI (I'm sure your coders would prefer that too)!

    All the best,

  • Hi Gareth, thanks for your thought's this is a request already being considered with the development team.

  • Hi Joe,

    Has this feature been added to the 2.1.2 version or is it still in the works.


  • It may be useful to know that after you copy an item and the copy is placed in an offset position, if you then paste again without copying, the next copy will be placed directly on top of the previous one without the offset. I have attached a video here that illustrates this. It works using the copy and paste icons and the keyboard shortcuts.

  • Hi Matthew,

    This is still not what I need.  I need to be able to import an image size it, place it and adjust the camera position until I get it the way I want it.  Then I want to be able to copy and have that image past in the same exact spot not the offset spot.

    On another thread I saw that you can import an image, set the camera and then import that same image or one that is the same exact size and it will come in directly on top of the first imported image.  This may be a viable work around for me if I can move and scale all of those images at once.  Can I do that in version 2.1.2?

  • It is possible to select, scale and move multiple elements in 2.1.2.

    We are hoping to release Version 2.2 of VideoScribe very soon which will not offset the element when using copy and paste.

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