Limit to scribe length?

  • Anyone have experience with making longer films up to 30 minutes?

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  • Hi Cody,

    Making a longer scribe may be possible but it depends on the elements you're using and the amount of memory it takes to create your scribe and publish it.

    I would suggest making a number of smaller scribes and have your video in parts or making smaller scribes and then using a video editing tool to combine 

    them together.

  • how long for each parts?

  • I would suggest trying 5 parts although this is dependent on the content of your scribes.

  • HI Joe, I am actually working on a 4 minutes video. The problem seems to be the number of items you use more than the duration. I have now reached only one minute and used like 40 items (single word and images). Now when I am adding elements the storyline is getting mixed and I am struggling to put the items in their former place. Plus, when there are many items, some of them are hiding behind and this is very annoying and time consuming.

    Is there anything I am missing?

    Could you please advise me on how to avoid this?



  • Hi VS1 user.

    I can see you have recently created a ticket although I will answer you briefly here too.

    There are many factors which can cause a timeline issue. Generally if it becomes unresponsive, it might be down to VideoScribe reaching a memory limit meaning it starts to lag.

    Typically the timeline problems you are experiencing can be down to memory being used by By VideoScribe at the time.

    Depending on the file sizes and length of text you're using, the computer's CPU capability and available RAM will determine if you encounter this issue.

    As no scribes are the same, we can't really say what is the specific cause of your issue.

    The best thing for you to do would be to save a copy of the Scribe to the online/cloud directory and let us know the name of it via a Support Ticket. It is always best to add as much information on the symptoms as possible 

    so we can advise you on a solution promptly.

  • Ok, I did it,

    thanks for the support!


  • I need to make a 5-7 minute video for a project, will sparkol let me make a video this long? Is there a time limit to how long you scribe can be?

  • Jocelyn,

    There are no time limits but there are memory limits. If you are using text and images from our inbuilt Library then you should be fine with that length. If you are importing huge JPG files then you may need to split it out or optimise your images

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