Restore Image to "Native Size"

  • Hi,

    I realize that everything in VideoScribe is based on relative sizes.  However, there is a problem with images that I don't know how to solve.

    Suppose I have a set of 5 images, all of which are the same size in JPG/PNG form.  For the sake of argument, let's say they are all 640x360 px.

    Okay, so now I import these images, one at a time, into a project.  Without realizing it, I happen to zoom in or out a little on the canvas just before importing each image.  What happens is that all the images come in at a different relative size.  And there is no way to get them all the "exact" same size on screen.  The best I can do is to pick one as my "standard" and then manually resize each of the others until they are all approximately the same size.

    There's another little problem here.  If I happen to grab one of the side or top handles, rather than a corner handle, then I skew the image away from it's internal aspect ratio--and there is no way to get it back except by visual approximation using the manual tools you provide.

    What is needed is an element properties options that allows me to reset the element to some/all of its original settings.  This should be relatively easy because you know the sizing information when you import the image.  So you can either store its absolute size in pixels, or you can store its aspect ratio.  Either way, you can easily restore the image at any point.

    Another idea that would be helpful--and this might fall under the "Group Operations" I offered in another post--would be to select one of the images as the "Source" image, and then select all 4 of the other images ("Targets") and issue a command to resize all of the Targets to be the same size as the Source.

    Again, don't wait for people to vote on this.  This is a MUST-HAVE feature that should be part of a bigger feature to make Element Management MUCH MUCH easier.

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  • You may want to also LIKE the following request thread which asks that camera be automatically set when an element is added to prevent unwanted and unintentional zooming.

    -Mike (vidoescribe user)


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