• I'm creating scenes on the canvas by putting space between each of the scenes clicking the arrow keys.

    Somehow I must have clicked the + and - because when I replay the videoscribe parts of the scenes only show the arm doing the sketching!!

    I wish there was an undo button!

    I need help centering my scenes and keeping the correct size.

    Please help.


    ~ Susan

  • Hi,
    In addition to moving the elements around...

    You also have to set the camera positions manually by
    1) placing the camera where you want it to be for a particular element,
    2) selecting that element, and then
    3) clicking the "set camera" button.
    4) (repeat these steps for each element in the scribe)

    -Mike (videoscribe user)


  • Hi Susan,

    It sounds like Mike's suggestion should resolve the problem for you- for more information on how to set camera positions please see this video- VideoScribe Version 2 tutorial 2

  • The YouTube link referenced above is not working.


  • Hi,

    link to videoscribe V2 tutorials and PDF:

    tutorial 2 covers camera setting, and zoom etc. (other videos might also touch on camera settings)

    link to videoscribe (Sparkol's) youtube page:

    -Mike (videoscribe user)


  • Somebody here? I need help with mi scribbe, i think i loose it and it's really importat, it's my project

  • Hi Abraham.

    Sorry to hear that you have lost your scribe. Was there anything that happened before the scribe went missing? Did VideoScribe crash? Have you been using VideoScribe on more than one computer? Have you been saving the scribe to your online directory or locally or both? What is the name of the scribe you have lost?

  • Thank you very much for responding, I spent a lot of time working on my video and then decided to export it to PowerPoint and after a long wait, disappeared. and I could not find it anywhere in my computer the video is called "Merca" and lasts 2 minutes, I finished yesterday. I hope you can help me.

  • Hi Abraham, I had trouble downloading the scribe named 'Merca' from your online directory - an error occurred.

    Please could you export the scribe as a .scribe file, attach it to a support ticket and we will look into this for you.

    How to import and export scribes with VideoScribe. Import and export your work as editable scribe files (.SCRIBE).

    Export scribes

    If you're on the canvas, press the save button, name your scribe and select the USB/ floppy disk icon. Choose a destination on your computer to save to.If you're on the project screen, select the project you want to save to your computer and select the USB/ floppy disk icon. Choose a destination on your computer to save to.Import scribe files

    On the project screen, select the folder icon in the bottom right.Select your scribe on your computer and click 'Open'. The scribe will open in VideoScribe

  • The problem is that is not on the canvas and not in the project, is nowhere, so I exported a power point and simply disappeared
  • Sorry to hear this Abraham,

    Please can can you raise a ticket as Matthew as advised and we can investigate the issue.