Image disappears instead of sliding off

  • Every other Videoscribe I've seen has the current image slide off the screen to make room for the new one except mine. My images just disappear instead of sliding off. It ends up looking very choppy and disrupts the flow. I thought the "slide" affect was a default setting but I can't find it anywhere. Anyone have any ideas about what I'm doing wrong?  

  • Hi,

    If your elements are just disappearing instead of "sliding off" (the camera moving smoothly to the next image)  then (probably) either your transition times are too short or your camera is moving too far to get to the next image.

    In general the process is:
    1) add a new element,
    2) set the camera position for that element.
    3) set the draw time, pauses and transition time for the element
    4) move the camera to a new area on the canvas
    5) repeat process from step 1

    The tutorial videos in the instant answers section may also have some good info for you.

    Hope that helps,
    Mike (videoscribe user)


  • That's exactly what I'm doing

  • I figured it out. I had my default transition time set to zero. Do'h!

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