Heavy file

  • Hi,

    I realized that the file when saved gets too havy.

    I created a scribe with 18 pictures (in the timeline); 2 drawings (one from the library and another one imported from Clipart in PNG small format) and a music track from the library.

    Nine of those pictures are "texts".

    This file reached 20MB! (I selected Quicktime; 360; 25fps)

    My idea is to create videoscribes to send to my friends in WhatsApp. But the maximum size they accept is 16MB!

    Could you give me some tips to reduce the size of the file without excluding pictures in the timeline?

    Many thx!


  • Hi,
    1) choose smaller video dimensions or
    2) choose a lower frame rate or
    3) choose a lower video quality setting or
    4) use a free program like freemake (freemake.com) to recompress it for a smaller file size.

    hope that helps,
    -Mike (videoscribe user)


  • Thanks Mike for your prompt response!

    I tried freemake and it helped a lot!

    thank you!


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