Stamp hand/motion

  •  I would like a hand that is grasping a stamp and comes into the screen in a downward motion. Then when it slams down on the whiteboard I could then draw some text underneath it with zero draw time and when the hand withdraws it would appear as if the stamp, stamped that text down.

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  • Hi Kevin
    I would like that too, did you get any feedback on your suggestion? Or did you create a hand that works for you?
    Let me know if you did!


  • I've also tried to achieve that effect in some of my scribes, but nothing I did looked realistic enough. Would love to have that kind of hand movement added in a future update.


  • Hi, I would like a stamp effect with a hand grasping a stamp and move in a downward motion and goes invisible with zero pause time and left behind some text like "Approved" or "Rejected".

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