Lifetime Membership for SVG Studio

  • Hi.

    It's a little hard to keep track of SVG Studio image releases, and after buying "everything" a while ago it's obviously not "everything" any more.

    Would it be possible to set up/purchase some sort of "lifetime supply of updates", so that can keep up to date. Or something. Please.

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  • Sparkol Videoscribe is totally dependent upon SVG and is nowhere near as good without it..... It can also be significantly enhanced with a good resource for sound effects.

    The life time sign up to Sparkol Videoscribe Pro should include the life time sign up to SVG Studio. After all the next level of interactivity is coming, click below....

    The Coming Next Level of Interactive Education or Marketing

    However, a variety of 10000's of images is what will set this product a part from the rest right now....

    As an educationalist that designs small educational (Science) videos, I would buy the Pro version if the SVG image base was guaranteed to consistently grow - like through a permanent connection to SVG Studio. Too often the images that are useful to me are too few.

    Lifetime Membership to SVG Studio becomes a part of Sparkol Pro. + a growing sound effects base would make Sparkol be the whole package.

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