santa's hand

  • Does anyone have the santa's hand that they can share with me...apparently you can save it and share it.



  • Yeah - thought this was a standard in the old version, and no seems to have gone AWOL. I guess he's a bit busy at this time of year but would be great to have around now.


    Ho ho ho.

  • Hi,

    If there is a way to save and share hands that are installed, can you describe that method or provide a link to a thread about it?

    All I can find is the blog post mentioning the Santa hand from november 2013 when the hand was added:

     Hopefully support can see to it that the holiday hands (and any other missing hands) are re-added to the current version of videoscribe.

    -Mike (videoscribe user)


  • I have attached a scribe here that you can import into VideoScribe and then the Santa hand will be available for use in your other scribes.

  • Ho ho ruddy ho!
    Nice one :)
    PS - err...cannot see the attachment, but then I am dim sometimes...


  •  I'm not sure if there is a different santa hand, but here is the one that I found in version 1.3.26.

    -Mike (videoscribe user)

  • Thank you, that is exactly what I imported very well.



  • Perfect Mike - thanks.


  • Ooops, sorry, thanks a lot Mike.

  • This scribe doesnt have the santa hand in now..any chance someone could send it again?

    thanks Pat


  • Pat, worked fine for me, imported the scribe from this thread and looked at the properties of the hand on that text. That added the hand to my recently used list and I can use it on other scribes now.

  • hi everyone! i need a Santa Claus' hand too! can i "borrow" Mike's ? how does it work? i tryed to download the "santascribe" from above but nothing happens. Help!!!

  • Elena, the above download link still works for me, but here's an alternative Dropbox link for it: I'll leave this up for a while for any other users wanting it for the Xmas season.

  •  thank you! it works now. I looked at it but, it looks a little bit creepy!:-( sorry and thank you for your help , but i will not use it any chance do you have a white glove's santa hand instead? thank you for your helo in advance

  • thank you!


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