Morphing as shown in tutorial 4?

  • Mike,

    Thanks, I was able to adjust the camera so I can now see the morphing action from the outline mug to the colored mug on the canvas. I have a check in the clear item box but the outline mug still appears on canvas after the morphing process. I want the outline mug to disappear.


  • Hi,
    I think...
    The mug probably does not reappear n the preview... but as soon as the preview finishes, videoscribe immediately returns to the working canvas (which looks almost the same as the preview) and you see the mug again.

    If you add a few seconds of  pause after the second mug, it may become more apparent that it is working correctly.

    also be sure to uncheck "zoom at end" if it is checked in the lower right corner of the preview screen.

    With "clear item" checked, the mug won't come back in the rendered video (unless there is a bug of some sort)

    -Mike (videoscribe user)


  • Thanks Mike! Adding the pause did the trick.

  • During the morphing, only strokes are appearing. Atleast while moving the same object (without change in any other property except the position), if you can make it appear full (retain its original appearance), it would be great and make the videos appear more professional. Please let me know.

  • Hello,
    Only stroked paths are visible during a morph animation.
    That is currently the way it works (in all versions up to version 2.3.7)

    If you want to move something with color your options are to:
    1) use MOVE-IN instead of morph to move the object onto the canvas from somewhere off-screen
    2) make an animated gif of the object moving from one location to another
    3) move the camera instead of the object, which will look the same as everything on the canvas moving at the same time
    4) use some kind of video editing software like after effects to add movement
    5) choose a different effect that works better, instead of moving the image.

    -Mike (videoscribe user)


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